The drop point

You will show up in three of these places: The airport, the bus station near to "Grand hotel"/train station (these are very close to each other) or the bus station "Zvonařka". With a lot of luggage and you’ll want to get to the dorms as quickly as possible. Remember the registration in the system? You will get a person to pick you up and help you with this final journey. If you decide to do it on your own, here’s the way how to get to the PPV dorms:

IMPORTANT INFO: 30.6.-10.9.2017 during the reconstruction of main train station some trains will end at train station "Brno - dolní nádraží". Here is the map how to get from train station to tram stop of tram n.12 (which you can use to get to the dorms/city center)

At the airport get on a bus number 76 (or N89 during the night) all the way to “Hlavní nádraží” (main train station). There locate the tram number 12, direction “Technologický park”. Go all the way to the last stop.

If you arrive with Student Agency bus (the yellow one) to the bus station near to "Grand hotel", walk towards the “Hlavní nádraží”, it’s only 500 meters away. There locate the tram number 12, direction “Technologický park”. Go all the way to the last stop.

If you arrive by a regular bus, walk through the Vaňkovka shopping mall, continue in the same direction in a train station underpass and you’ll come to “Hlavní nádraží” tram stop. There locate the tram number 12, direction “Technologický park”. Go all the way to the last stop.

As you get off from the tram number 12 at the last stop "Technologický park", follow the road to the buildings on your left and here we go - your future home!

Your future home, PPV dorms:

Should you want to take a taxi, ask them to take you to “Kolejní 2”. The regular price from the “Hlavní nádraží” is 250 CZK, from the airport it is 500 CZK. We don’t negotiate about the price but you can ask in advance how much it will cost. In the end the cheapest way to travel is by our amazing public transport.

The public transport

Brno is very well covered by a network of trams and buses, which is especially helpful during the night. The basic ticket costs 25 CZK for 60 minutes, which should cover most of your travels in the city. However, it’s better to buy a pre-paid card for your daily trips. The schedule can be found on this website: link

After arrival

You’ll be given a key to your room and bed sheet at the reception of the dorms. Drop off your luggage, have a shower, chill. When you feel like going back to action, stop by in our office. We’ll tell you that you look great, give you a welcome pack (full of gifts), brew you a coffee or tea.

Accommodation office

One of the first things which you should do immediately after your arrival is to visit the Accommodation office (it's located at PPV dorms, block A06, 2nd floor, room 028, entrance through reception in block A03). At the office you have to sign the contract and pay the deposit and first rent. One important note: your internet connection works only after you sign the contract (you will get the login information and password), so we recommend you to do that as soon as possible. Unfortunately for you, the office it's not open during the weekend, so in that case plan the visit on the first working day: openning hours and more info.

The foreign police

Are you an incoming student from any of the EU countries (or from Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland) and do you stay in a dormitory owned by the university? If yes, you don’t need to worry. The residence will take care about your registration. In other cases see our page about foreign police.