Did you ever ask yourself, when you were walking through the city centre, what exactly is under your feet? No? But, probably, you should have :D If you want to discover more, feel free to join this cool event. We will take you to the Ossuary underneath the Church of St. James, to the Labyrinth underneath Zelný trh and, as the first Erasmus students in history, to the nuclear shelter 10-z, the place which had top secret status for more then 4 decades. We are looking forward to see you :D Please, take your student ID with you :D

03/11/2016 - 15:00
Brno, city center
Meeting Point: 
Brno, Česká, "Under the watch"
Estimated costs: 
190 CZK (200 CZK without ESNcard)
Contact details: 
Míša Homzová, homzovam@gmail.com
  • Everyone is invited.