DRESS CODE: Something warm

Are you thrilled to enjoy Christmas atmosphere in one of the most beautiful city in Europe? You have the best opportunity right now! Join us and go with us to Budapest. What is prepared for you? Amazing sightseeing lead by certificated tour guides who are going to show you all magnificent places in Budapest. But that’s not all! We’re going to visit the Christmas markets, we’re going to let you relax and let off some steam in local famous thermal SPA and of course Budapest will be pleasured to have us in its unforgettable ruins club parties both nights. Breakfast is included in the price of our trip so you can choose your meal in the morning.
Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes or whatever will make you warm during the trip. I’m taking my homemade slivovitz and a great mood to be more specific ;)
As always it’s important to register yourself on the website and what’s more important pay the trip in Panda Point. The fact you are registered doesn’t mean you are definitely going. Once it’s paid you’re in.
So don’t hesitate and come with us !!! We all are looking forward to seeing you there.

09/12/2016 - 15:00 to 11/12/2016 - 22:00
Budapest, Hungary
Meeting Point: 
in front of A03
Estimated costs: 
2200 CZK ( 2400 CZK without ESNcard)
Contact details: 
Petr Ulma, petr.ulma@gmail.com
  • Everyone is invited.