Hey, hey, everybody, it’s time to party!!

And this time, it’s got a purpose too! A what? Oh yeah! Come to the party to support your university!
All you gotta do is order a drink at the bar as usual.
Only this time, you have to say which university you are from everytime you order! Masaryk x BUT x Mendelu
Quite simple, right? Prize for winners included!

You got an ESN card? Great, then your entry is FREE!
Come to the TWO FACES on Wednesday at 9pm and drink to your university’s (and yours) health! Nazdraví!


Gambrinus Excelent 11° - 30 CZK
Vodka Russian Standard - 39 CZK
Tequila Azteca Azul - 39 CZK
Captain Morgan Spiced - 39 CZK
Cuba Libre - 59 CZK
Red Bull Wings - 59 CZK

16/11/2016 - 21:00
TWO FACES music club, Biskupská 1, Brno
Meeting Point: 
TWO FACES music club, Biskupská 1, Brno
Estimated costs: 
Free entrance with ESNcard
  • Everyone is invited.