Hey you, Erasmus students!

Your first week at new school is over. How was it? Good? Tough? Exciting? I am pretty sure, you have a lot of new stories (and definitely not only about school), which you want to share with others, take a drink and have a good time.

AND same as every TUESDAY, you have the best chance to do it at YOUR PARTY after Presentation of Nations.

So take your friends and come to the party at VIBE on TUESDAY! We start at 22:00!!

What’s the topic this time? ☯ !!! BLACK & WHITE !!! ☯ Don’t forget to dress up!!! Will be there a lot of Panda costumes ♥ or Men In Black?

We will find out soon!!!

See you in VIBE!
ISC VUT Brno ♥

PS. And for those, who are going to the Beer marathon, it's almost last chance to practise your skills!


16/02/2016 - 22:00
VIBE club starobrněnská 20, 60200 Brno
Meeting Point: 
VIBE club starobrněnská 20, 60200 Brno
all of you
Estimated costs: 
Free (with ESNcard)
Contact details: 
Lukáš Kvita
  • Everyone is invited.