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Unique opportunity to represent our university in futsal against two other the biggest unis in Brno!!!

The team is 5+1 and 3 substitute players. Game time is 2x15min. We're going to play against each university and in case of equal amount of points there will be a penalty shootout.

Before the game which is 13.10. there is going to be a qualification. Please captains of teams to write me list of their players and name of the team until Saturday night (8.10.) Qualification is going to be on Sunday (9.10.) afternoon (I'm gonna specifiy the time later). The winner of qualification is going to be the team which is going to represent our university on Thursday 13.10.
Meeting point for qualification is going to be in front of dorms A03 and we're going to play at Pod Palackého vrchem on the football pitch between doorms. Qualification is of course for free.

13/10/2016 - 15:00
Purkyňova 93, Brno
Meeting Point: 
Dorms A03
Estimated costs: 
50 CZK
Contact details: 
Petr Ulma
  • Everyone is invited.