Ladies and gentlemen,
let's get classy! ISC MU, ISC MENDELU & ISC VUT are proud to invite you all to the classiest social event of the spring semester!

February and March are the high-season of Gala nights (balls) in the Czech Republic. People wear their nicest clothes, they dance, they talk, they watch lovely artistic performances = they have a lot of fun! We want to show this awesome habit to our international guests, we therefore invite you to the traditional International Student Ball.

Non-dancers? Don't worry, we prepared dancing workshops for you for free! After them, you'll be able to pull off several classical dances. And if dancing isn't your thing at all, come anyway, fun is 100% guaranteed even in this case.

Stay tuned, more info about dancing workshops, performances, tickets, pick-up service etc. is coming.

31/03/2016 - 19:00
KC Semilasso Palackého třída 126, Brno
all of you
Estimated costs: 
150CZK / 180CZK (without ESNcard)
Contact details: 
Andrej Káčer
  • Everyone is invited.