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Laser game is an action game that combines computer games with games type of paintball and airsoft, but with laser. One game lasts 15 minutes, that may seem short, but it's 15 minutes of running, hiding, shooting and adrenaline. There is a bar, a large selection of soft drinks, beer, Frisco and different kinds of sweets to gain power after the fight. I chose the best Laser arena in Brno, so I believe we're going to enjoy it pretty much!

Registration starts 7th February 0:00 so don't hesitate and register. Don't forget your place is taken after you come to PandaPoint and pay for that. Registration doesn't mean you're in!!!

It's only for 9 people! I'm so excited, it's the first time for me, too!! See you soon!

09/02/2017 - 18:00
Laser Game, HybeŇ°ova 46, 60200 Brno
Meeting Point: 
In front of A03 dorms
Estimated costs: 
200 CZK (220 CZK without ESN card)
Contact details: 
Ha Emily, info@but.esnbrno.cz
  • Everyone is invited.