Join us on an excursion to the most highly classified nuclear fallout shelter in Brno.

Built during the Nazi occupation as a civil defence (Luftschutz), then used by the communist representants; it had been kept top secret until 1993.
Nowadays it is an excellent capture of the Cold war and what life would have been like for a nuclear war. The tour guide will take you through the bunker to see the technical equipment and facilities of the atomic shelter 10-Z. You can feel the history and the atmosphere is really real. It has everything: creepy sounds, items, equipment, furniture and even a really cool bar at the end.

If you are a history (WWII or Cold war) enthusiast, you shouldn´t miss it! :)

Your ISC.

06/04/2018 - 18:45
Nuclear fallout shelter, Code name 10-Z
Meeting Point: 
Česká, infront of sushi Mori
Estimated costs: 
180 CZK
Contact details: 
Adela Bermellova,
  • Everyone is invited.