You have already visited many places with us in Brno, but now we would like to invite you even further – among the stars!
Would you like to…

-live the story of the Solar System?
-look at the star sky through a big astronomical telescope?
-find the answers to perpetual questions?
-touch a real meteorite?
-spend unusual time under the artificial sky of the planetarium?
-weight yourself on the Moon?
-play with interesting scientific experiments?
-find out what a scientific exploratorium is?
-enjoy a great view of Brno?

Come with us and discover the Universe. It is a wonderful beginning of a romantic evening on this special day.

PS: After official program, we can continue unoffcially and explore another parts of Brno, meet each other and became friends. :)

01/02/2017 - 18:30
Kraví hora 2, 61600 Brno
Meeting Point: 
In front of A03
All of you
Estimated costs: 
Contact details: 
David Valus,
  • Everyone is invited.