Olomouc is a really beautiful historical city with about 100.000 inhabitants and very long history. On a small area you can see many beautiful historical buildings. The history of the city goes back to the times of Caesar. During 16th century, it was declared to be a fortified city. A huge relics of that time are still part of the city. Olomouc is very nice and cultural place, with second oldest university and second highest tower in the Czech Republic (both surely better than in Brno!). We will attach some photos for you, which do not need any more comments :o) We are sure you will really like it! But keep in mind that the trip capacity is limited.

Olomouc, Czech Republic
Meeting Point: 
In front of dormitory A03
Estimated costs: 
200 CZK / 220 CZK
Contact details: 
Peťka Němečková (Petula.Nemeckova@centrum.cz),
Jiří Travěnec