Hey everyone,

we continue in exploring Czech Republic with another beautiful city - OLOMOUC. There is a lot to see, one can't describe it by words you have to see all of it by yourself but one site is worth noting and that is Holy Trinity Column which is in the list of UNESCO. City tour will be provided by our colleagues from ESN Olomouc, so expect to see the most beautiful places. 

Remember that the price includes only the train tickets to get there and back safely, for everything else (food especially) you have to pay by yourself. You will need your ESN card with you aswell so you can get discount in restaurant we booked for you!

Kind advice, autumn in Czechia is tricky and the weather is unpredictiable so it's always nice to have your umbrella with you! laugh

See you in Olomouc!


17/11/2017 - 06:45
Olomouc city
Meeting Point: 
Brno Main train station
Estimated costs: 
200 CZK with ESN card/250 CZK without ESN card
Contact details: 
Štěpán Bros, https://www.facebook.com/steve.bros.1
Veronika Rudy, https://www.facebook.com/verunka.rudy
Martin Rašner, https://www.facebook.com/martin.rasner.7
  • Everyone is invited.