Get ready to shake your ass.
With this party, you will burn all the calories around your belly.

Because Turkey is home to people from so many different cultures for hundreds of years, our idea of fun is a mixture of a
lot of things and belly dancing is one of them. We want you to wear your sexiest clothes and show your skills about how good you are about belly
dancing and how good your body is 😉
You can check it out more from this link:

Hope you will get a lot of fun.
We expect to see all of you at Yacht.
Lava ❤

11/04/2017 - 22:00
Yacht club, Brno
Meeting Point: 
Yacht club, Brno | pre-party at PPV dorms
All of you
Estimated costs: 
Free entrance
Contact details: 
Patrik Šabo,
  • Everyone is invited.