Hi folks!

We are going to explore the beauty of FINLAND, FRANCE and POLAND!
Come to see what worths to visit and what they are famous for!

Maybe you think you know that, HOWEVER, you'll be surprised anyway!!


And after presentations, there is always time for the PARTY! Let's enjoy it in YACHT again!!!

This week the party theme shall be Vikings vs. Sailors!!!!

S come as Skilled Seamen of the Seven Seas or as Fearless Northern Warriors!!!

See you on TUESDAY, at 19:00!
Lukas and your ISC

10/10/2017 - 19:00
Faculty of Business and Management, P384
Meeting Point: 
Faculty of Business and Management, P384
Estimated costs: 
Free entrance
Contact details: 
Lukas Kvita, info@but.esnbrno.cz
  • Everyone is invited.