Technical Museum in Brno was established in the 19th century during which time the city was growing into a responsible industrial center. The museum is located on 105 Purkyňova Street. You can easily get to the Technical Museum by trams No. 12, 13. (It's the first stop from Technologicky park.) Since the BUT is technical University, we will traditionally start our cultural activities with something more educational. Don't worry, it's not boring at all. The museum is filled with so many incredible pieces of technology that you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. Automobiles, planes, toys, machines, weapons, musical instruments, and much much more. One of the most interesting parts of the exposition is the game room where you can verify the validity of various laws of physics on your own. The room is based on the touch-try- watch-and- identify principle. Free entrance with ISC :)

03/02/2017 - 14:30
Purkynova 105, Brno
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In front of A03
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Stepan Sustek,
  • Everyone is invited.