DRESS CODE: fancy with a tie (even girls ;) )

With this party, we will introduce you to typical Croatian celebration. All you need to do is dress nice like you are going to a family celebration (wedding or baptism). Don't let that fool you, prepare to party hard. To make it really Croatian celebration we are bringing homemade rakia and after midnight we will play some ex-Yugoslavia songs 😉 Must have on this party is tie and if you come to our presentation you will find out why 😉

If you don´t have tie, you could buy some cheap in secondhand shops.
Some of them are in the city centre or at Veveří street (tram12, stop Konečného náměstí or Grohova)

21/02/2017 - 22:00
Yacht club
Meeting Point: 
Yacht club
All of you
Estimated costs: 
Free entrance
Contact details: 
Patrik Sabo, info@but.esnbrno.cz
  • Everyone is invited.