It is finally here! Another of our amazing events. This time it is Tram Party. 
Tram is leaving at 8:00 p.m. from Technologicky park tram stop, so please by there at 7:45pm, we are not going to wait.

Our ride will take 3 hours. We will have a 3 party stops on the way, where you will have possibility to change tram and party with other universities (MENDELU and MASARYK).

Price is 200 CZK (300 w/o ESN card)
Theme is western, dress accordingly.

Now please pay attention to the RULES on the tram:
• no own alcohol (there will be two bars with student prices)
• no smoking on the tram (there are going to be few stops)
• no stepping on seats

If you break the rules you will be kicked out

After the ride you are more than welcome to continue or join us (for those without ticket) for afterparty in Faval club (free entrance with bracelet from Tram Party).

See you in the tram,

Your ISC.


05/04/2018 - 19:00
Meeting Point: 
In front A03
Estimated costs: 
200 CZK with ESNcard / 300 CZK without ESNcard
Contact details: 
Lukáš Vokráčko,
  • Everyone is invited.