As every week, this one is no exception and we prepared a bunch of events for you to make your stay in Brno more enjoyable! So what can you expect this week? Let's jump into it!

Tuesday:  As every Tuesday we will first have a chance to make something better for our health and participate in Run 4 Friendship, but because it's bit cold outside these days, we will try a bit different activity, bouldering  (meeting point as usual at 5 PM in front Faculty of Bussiness and Management).  After R4F we will enjoy our favourite Presentation of Nations! This week we will learn something new about Belgium and Turkey, so don't miss it, their food is waiting for you! And of course, of course, we can't miss traditional Tuesday Party anywhere else than in Yacht! You can expect some traditional Turkish drinks and competitions! I would almost forget, don't forget your moustache!  

Wednesday: After we get a good rest after party and survive school time, we will try to learn something new about our beautiful language during Czech 4 Fun. That won't be all for Wednesday though, because our first special event, organised together with Masaryk's and Mendel University, Erasmus Night - Czechoslovak Edition will take place in club Faval. You can expect different kinds of competitions, a lot of products from sponsor Pepino and also FREE water and Responsible Party oriented activities! So don't hesitate and come meet students from other universities and have fun!  

Thursday: We decided to give you more time to rest this Thursday, but that doesn't mean nothing will happen! As every Thursday you can join us for Run 4 Friendship! Don't worry about the cold weather, you will get warm thanks to the running!

Weekend: This week will be kinda special, we have the first special event on Wednesday and our first big trip during the weekend! We will explore the beautiful city of Kraków! There will be a lot to see, the salt mine in Wieliczka, camps in Oswiecim and the city itself. Also, we gonna meet our partner section from ESN UEK Krakow. Prepare for the weekend, this is going to be big!

A lot is coming so don't miss it and join us in the events we prepared for you

Your ISC.

26/02/2018 - 00:15 to 04/03/2018 - 23:45
  • Everyone is invited.