This week there won't be that much happening but the bigger it will be! What is ahead of us let see!

Tuesday: Tuesday, Tuesday, what's happening on Tuesday? Hmmmmm, oh I remember, Run For Friendship! Summer is coming, spring is almost here, you got to do something with that body! Join us for a run, as always 5 PM in front Faculty of Bussines and Management. Is there something more? Of course it is, regular Tuesday Presentation of Nations this week in charge of Germany and Hungary! After it we will meet in our favourite place in Yacht for a Sausage Party! Especially girls, you don't want to miss this one! 

Wednesday: I said this week will be a bit calmer right? I didn't lie, on Wednesday the only thing happening will be Czech 4 Fun at 7 PM in ISC Office

Thursday: On this day it will happen, what, are you asking? The second BIG event this semester organized together with our friends form Masaryk and Mendel University, which is Internation Students Ball! We will put on some classy clothes, dancing shoes and meet in Semilasso at 7 PM. You can expect live band, performance from professional dancers and winning game! I would also forget, that before ball you can join us for a RUN as always, 5 PM in front Faculty of Business and Management!

Weekend: Unfortunately, we had to move our trip to Olomouc to a different date, so you can enjoy the free weekend! For more info take a look at the calendar!

That will be all for this week, hopefully, you will enjoy it!

Your ISC.

12/03/2018 to 18/03/2018
  • Everyone is invited.