What is it about?

SocialErasmus (SE) is the possibility how to make the world better and more friendly. It is about all the people who have social feeling and who want to do something, what can help another people and much more. SE is about good-hearted people, about the hope and trust, it is about you!

If we were to be formal, SocialErasmus is an international project of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) with the aim of involving international students, participating in university exchange, in to social and volunteering activities in their host country. The project promotes a social attitude among international students and facilitates their social integration into the local community while exploring the added value that resides in the diversity in Europe.

The slogan for this great amazing project is „Reach higher! Go further! Go social!“

The aim and events

The aim of the SocialErasmus project is to complete the stay abroad with the original values of the Erasmus Program. Erasmus is supposed to be an opportunity to get to know new cultures and education systems as well as to make new unforgettable friendships, but also it should be a kind of inspiration for a future life. Moreover, SocialErasmus project enables to experience something new, as consequence Erasmus program participants will get a new perspective, which would be beyond their cognitive abilities, if they did not take part in the Erasmus program.

SocialErasmus has three different pillars which the project focuses on: 

  • Charity: Social activities with a charitable purpose. 
  • Environment: Activities that promotes environmental thinking or serves an environmental purpose. 
  • Education: Educational activities that integrate international students with the society. 


In connection with this tree areas we make SocialErasmus-events, like Cooking for homeless people, St. Nicholas in hospital, cleaning the area about FBM and so on ..

We would like to expand in Erasmus in Schools and other SE-activities. If you have some ideas, how to make the environment around you better or if you would like to join our SocialErasmus program, don´t hesitate to contact us!!


More info on the websites www.socialerasmus.esn.org or on Facebook page.

Contact to local SocialErasmus coordinator: kristyna.labudova@gmail.com