Do you have any questions? Is anything unclear? Let us know and we will help you! These are the questions that are asked the most:

The bank

If you’re in need of a Czech bank account, we recommend setting it up in “Komerční banka”, member of Societé Generale. There is an ATM right at the campus and a bank office only two tram stops away.

Public transport

Brno is very well covered by a network of trams and buses, which is especially helpful during the night. The basic ticket costs 25 CZK (1€) for 60 minutes, which should cover most of your travels in the city. However, it’s better to buy a pre-paid card for your daily trips. Here is what to do if you were caught by a conductor on a tram without a valid tram card:

  • Never pay the penalty to the conductor when have a tram card and you have only left it home! Let the conductor write a ticket for you. In the course of the next 3 days, bring the ticket, your tram card and some cash (50CZK) to the Brno public transportation office (Novobranská 18, 1st floor, near the main railway station). After you present yourself with your valid tram card, you will only need to pay a fee of 50CZK. You won't be able to get your money back if you pay the conductor on the spot!! Keep that in mind.
  • If you don't have valid tram card or ticket at all you’ll have to pay a fine of 1500 CZK (55€)
  • ATTENTION!!! The conductors don’t usually speak English!!! Do not argue with them because when you make them angry they can call the police and you can get into real trouble. Always try to explain yourselves calmly and clearly.
  • As we said befor, the best solution is to have your tram card always with you!!!

The schedule can be found on this website: link . Even though we appreciate your opera voices, it is not allowed to drink alcohol or shout on the buses or trams.


Your European Health Insurance Card is valid in Czech Republic. There are English speaking doctors in Purkyňovy dormitories:

If you feel something more serious is happening to you, contact your buddy who will help you to pick the right hospital for your treatment.

Post office

The post office operates near to the main train station (tram stop "Hlavní nádraží"). The prices are not high but the system works extremely slowly (two weeks for a postcard in completely normal).


Stay away from them, they don’t usually speak English and are annoyed by foreign people. However, if anything illegal is happening to you, call the police on 158 (works from any phone).


Czechs are very nice people but sadly not all of them. Take care of your belongings and don’t leave them anywhere to be stolen. Are you carrying a handbag? Hold it in front of you, especially in crowded areas (think of a tram in the rush hour). Czech hands are great for making art but also for pickpockets.