The land of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, the country we all love. You will love it too, you’ll see. Here are some facts and tips on how to survive the beer nation.


We’re still not using Euro so you’ll have to exchange your money. Our currency is “koruna” or crown in English. Our prices are extremely low for most visitors, that’s a great plus, isn’t it? You can shop cheap almost for everything. Clothes, food or alcohol, you name it. You can eat an amazing lunch in a restaurant for around 100 CZK (3,5€). A proper lunch needs something to wash it down. A glass of beer (0,5 l) will cost you only 25-30 CZK (1€). Don’t be afraid when a small piece of paper lands in front of you in a pub. That’s our way of keeping the numbers. Just remember how much you drank and pay in the end.


It’s very common for us to tip on every occasion. Are you getting a drink in bar for 67 CZK? Don’t ask for the 3 crowns back—instead give the person 70 or even 80 CZK. How much should you tip? It depends on how satisfied you were. But at least round it to the nearest reasonable amount.


Thirsty after a long night? Our tap water is edible, you can drink it without having to boil it. The plumbing system can take a lot, you can throw toilet paper in (ahem, Greek people). Don’t push it to its limits though.

City rules

Brno is a very student–friendly city but there are some rules we have to follow. We can’t have an open container with alcohol on basically any street in the city centre. This applies also to big parks and public areas like malls and such.