Do you like to solve riddles? Do you want to compete against your friends? Then come with us to the largest escape room where you will be able to choose one of three distinctive escape rooms.

Available themes

Bunker 13: The world has changed you've already forgotten why, but a network of bunkers is now your home. After realizing that BUNKER 13 fell silent recently, you and your team are sent out to discover why this has happened

-Parallel universe: The Earth exists in many parallel universes at the same time. Some are quite similar, others are completely different. One Earth relies on technology, while the other uses magic. These two Earths from parallel universes are in a battle for which one will persist and which will perish. Choose the Earth you prefer and become its champion. Solve all the riddles and beat the other team and you might survive.

As usual register on our website and come to Panda Point to pay.

Looking forward to see you!

Your ISC

08/03/2018 - 17:45
The Room, Jana Babáka 2733/11 612 00 Brno
Meeting Point: 
17:30 infront of A03 (PPV) or 17:45 on tram stop Dobrovského (tram n.12)
Estimated costs: 
160 with ESNcard/180 CZK without ESNcard
Contact details: 
Adam Šobich,
  • Everyone is invited.