Hall of fame

List of International Students‘ Club‘s key members through the history.

ISC founder & Head coordinator (2004-2007)
She was ours, now she is hers and she will be with us forever... Rest in peace, stop working and get some life or at least relax a little bit. ;-)

Head coordinator (2007-2008) (2013)
Former main Coordinator of day-to-day life, Rest in peace...

Head coordinator (2008-2010)
She shall find a great job with great people and live happily ever after. (and she did and does ;-) )

Head coordinator (2010)
Married with Finland wink We wish them well... laugh

Senior member
See ya around...

Co-Founder, veeery senior member, moderator, interpreter and legendary entertainer :D
Hear ya around...

Head coordinator (2010-2012)

SectionBox Developer


Graphic designer

President 2013-2014

President 2014 - 2015
Organizator of czech national platform in Litomyšl, candidate to board of ESN International

President 2015 - 2016
El presidente, organizator of first Mov'in Europe conference at VUT

President 2016 - 2017
In love with Greece