Now little bit of bureaucracy - if you want to use our "pick-up/buddy" service or just participate at our events, registration in our internal system is needed. After the registration you will receive e-mail with recapitulation of your personal information and personal key. This personal key is unique identification which you can use for registration to our events (form at the home page). You can find all the necessary forms at pages listed below:

  • Registration form - registration to the system
  • Edit request form - you can write request for edit of information that you have provided in registration form (e.g. change of date of arrival, place, email, etc.)
  • Personal card - shows you recapitulation of your personal info and about your assigned "pick-up/buddy" local student
  • Lost key form - if you can't find your personal identification key we will send it to your e-mail
  • Appraisal form - you have option to appreciate your buddy and give us the feedback
  • Complain form - do you have any complaints, don't hesitate - we will try to figure it out!