When should you arrive?

Winter semester: plan your trip to land around 10th September
Summer semester: plan your trip to land around 28th January,
that way you won’t miss on anything from our Welcome Week!

Brno is the second largest city of Czech Republic located between three international airports - Prague, Vienna and Bratislava. We have also airport in Brno, but plane is not the only way how to get there.

Get to Brno by plane

There is an International Airport Brno. So you can get comfortably by plane to the Brno from the other European metropolises. It takes only 1,5 hour by car from Vienna Airport and 2,5 hours by car from Airport Prague. Then you can travel from Prague´s and Vienna´s airports by bus or train.

International Airport Brno

Get to Brno by bus

International bus connections are provided by several bus operators. There are two important bus stations in Brno. At the Zvonařka central bus terminal ("Ústřední autobusové nádraží Brno Zvonařka") operate Tourbus and other companies,  that provide intenational and local transportation.

Zvonařka central bus terminal:

At another bus station Brno Grand, which is located on Benešová street (neer to the Grand Hotel Brno), operate Student Agency (Brno <-> Prague, Brno <-> Vienna, Brno <-> Bratislava) and Eurolines (Brno <-> Prague, Brno <-> Bratislava), that provide international transportation.

Bus station Brno Grand:

Get to Brno by train

Brno is also an important railway junction. The main train station ("Hlavní nádraží") is located directly in the city center and transportation is provided by České dráhy (Czech Railways). Tickets for main train connections can be purchased on-line.

IMPORTANT INFO: 30.6.-10.9.2017 during the reconstruction of main train station some trains will end at train station "Brno - dolní nádraží". Here is the map how to get from train station to tram stop of tram n.12 (which you can use to get to the dorms/city center)

The main train station:

Get to Brno by car

Brno can be easily reached from all major cities in the Czech Republic (including Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava) through a network of highways and motorways.

Prague-Brno -  distance: 208 km, time: 2 h 07 min
Olomouc-Brno -  distance: 77 km, time: 52min
Ostrava-Brno - distance: 170 km, time: 1 h 40 min