Schedule for Winter Term 2017

List of the Presentations of Nations for the winter semester 2017

19. 09. 2017 – Czech Republic
26. 09. 2017 – Germany, Lithuania
03. 10. 2017 –
10. 10. 2017 –
17. 10. 2017 –
24. 10. 2017 –
31. 10. 2017 –
07. 11. 2017 –
14. 11. 2017 –
21. 11. 2017 –
28. 11. 2017 – 
05. 12. 2017 –

Presentations will take place in the room P384 of the building of the Faculty of Business and Management on every Tuesday of the term. The presentations will start at 7:00 pm (19:00). Each presentation should last no longer than 30 minutes! PLEASE NOTE, THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES TO THE AUDITORIUM HALL!


  • max. 30 points for early resolved - On Friday before your presentation you will have to send me your presentation, which I will check over the weekend. On Monday evening we will meet at the Faculty of Business and Management for the final check of your presentation. If you want to arrange a meeting text me or call me. Depending on the completion of the presentation, you will get 0 – 30 points.
  • max. 100 points for the presentation - the number of points depends on five indicators:
  1. Technical processing (20 pts)
  2. Content processing (20 pts)
  3. Overall impression (20 pts)
  4. Originality, creativity and cultural inserts (20 pts)
  5. Food (20 pts)
  • Total: 130 points

After all presentations we will make a sum of points and give prize to first three nations.

You will find out that we sacrifice a lot of our own free time (even that we have none to spare :) ) to help you to spend your Erasmus studies in the Czech Republic in the best possible way.

And because we care about you even more, we want to give you the chance to give a presentation of the very best of your country, city and university.

We feel that your stay here is a possibility for all of us (including yourself) to extend our knowledge of other countries. In order to do that, you will be creating a presentation about the country you come from, and this will be given at our university during this term. Hence, everybody who is interested in your nation, country, city, or university, will have the opportunity to get useful information straight from the horse's mouth (by that we mean you :) )

A short discussion will follow the presentation. :)

What should a presentation include?

Focus on the interesting and practical things you are interested in learning here, in the Czech Republic, and then apply them to your own country, city, and university. Try to tell everyone why they should come to visit your country. Don't forget to give a picture of your day-to-day life, accommodation possibilities, prices, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Also be sure to add in some interesting facts about your country, culture and the things you pride yourself in. Use your imagination! You can also bring some of your traditional food or drinks.

Who makes the presentations and how?

People from a particular country form a group to create a presentation. You can also put in some information about the different universities you come from. The more of you are present, the more we get to know you ;)

The presentations need to be delivered in the MS PowerPoint format (.ppt or .pptx) or PDF format, and they will be given on a date specified (see above), during evening hours. The presentation will be given in the room P384, which happens to be the biggest auditorium in the building of the FBM faculties. 

The series of presentations will start with the presentation of the Czech Republic and the Brno University of Technology. Here you can take some inspiration as to how it can be done. :)

Keep in mind that this is a unique opportunity for you to present your nation, city and university to other countries, so don't waste it!

See you there;)

Marko Mamula

Presentations of Nations events

26/09/2017 - 19:00
Our Presentations Of Nations competition is about to start!
19/09/2017 - 19:00
Here comes the first presentation of nations and this time we're going to present the Czech republic!
11/04/2017 - 19:00
You are very welcome to see part of the world here in Brno at Faculty of Business and Management...
21/03/2017 - 19:00
This time you will see one amazing country - FRANCE...
14/03/2017 - 19:00
This time you will see two beautiful European countries...