Our section has a well-established management and linear organizational structure. The main management of the section is the board consisting of 7 members - President, Vice President, Local Representative, Treasurer, Human Resources, Communications Manager and Events Manager. They make all major decisions and lead the section according to the specific internal rules. Every member of the board leads one or more specific teams consisting of a various number of people to help them in their respective fields. If the teams need, they may have established working groups and team leaders.

The board is followed by members and buddies. These positions are related to two main basic programs to which the local student can sign in.

Buddy program consists approximately of 120 people. A buddy is a contact person for one or more international students. A buddy helps them with problems on daily basis during their stay. Also, they help them to get used to the new environment and socialize. Member program consists approximately of 30 active people from the section involved in various teams, events, working groups or projects.